Gurmukh Ghuldu,
Founder & Managing Director
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Gurmukh Singh Ghuldu,
Founder & Managing Director
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Dr. Syed Tanvir Ali,
Plant Head

Message from Founder and Managing Director

We have seen a paradigm shift in ever evolving human mind, which has changed preferences of having spiritual quotient over emotional quotient, quantum energies over tangible ones and creativity over mundane hard work. Our health and fitness consciousness has also taken quantum leap and is the highest amongst our priorities. Mantras such as eating for treating, prevention over cure and natural over chemicals have thus become the buzz words.

We have established Quantum Naturals as a visionary nutraceutical company to provide the highest quality nutraceuticals in finished forms as herbal medicine as well in Functional Food for the treatment or as adjuvant therapy for lifestyle health conditions. Our focus mainly is on weight management, diabetes or pre diabetes, anabolic androgenic adaptogens, arthritis and herbal based body fitness products.All the three categories of our product range are supported with scientific rationale and data.

Our select nutraceutical products have clinically tested bio actives and have been either awarded US patents or are under pending patent applications. Some of the other formulations have been formulated based upon scientific rationale with ancient wisdom of herbs. Our R&D is working diligently on a scintillating and robust pipe line. We are equipped with state-of-art, high-tech processing and manufacturing unit where optimum quality standards are achieved. Our unit has huge production capacity for manufacturing world class nutraceuticals and is managed by well positioned experts and professionals. As the Founder and Managing Director of Quantum Naturals, I along with my team, stand committed to provide much sought after "Quality of Life" through the mantra of "Eating for Treating" and "Health thru Nature". We are looking forward to see you on facebook at or thru
Gurmukh Ghuldu,
Founder and Managing Director