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QUANTO DIAB PLUS herbal formulation with dietary fibre and antioxidant combines the goodness of well-known anti-diabetic herbs which helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels effectively. Quanto Diab Plus contains Galactomannan and Saponins which are extracted from Fenugreek, and is rich in natural minerals. Quanto Diab Plus also supports vitals like liver and pancreas. Quanto Diab Plus is 100% natural and free from chemicals and heavy metals.

Galactomannan from Fenugreek – Block excess carbohydrate absorption

Saponins from Fenugreek – Increases insulin sensitivity

Charantins from Bitter Gourd – Increases glucose uptake and glycogen synthesis

Phenols (catechins) from Green Tea – Curbs insulin resistance and burns fat

Flavonoids from Cinnamon – Regulates blood glucose levels

1 (one) capsule twice daily, 30 minutes before meals or recommended by your healthcare professional. Persons on anti-diabetic medication can safely use this product as an adjuvant therapy.