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Quanto Slim contains read, certified and authentic Hoodia from South Africa. Hoodia modulates appetite while maintaining high energy levels. It also contains Green tea which has thermogenic properties and promotes oxidation. The Brazilian fruit Acai Berry not only helps to gain energy but also removes deadly toxins from the system and arrests the aging process. Each ingredient work together synergistically to make Quanto Slim an effective and safe natural product to help you reach and maintain your ideal weight while feeling energetic and active. 

Quanto Slim is 100% natural and free from chemicals and heavy metals.

Hoodia dry stem Powder – Modulates appetite

Acai berry freeze dried berry extract –Anti-oxidant, Burns fat

Phenol (catechins) from Green Tea –Burns fat, Anti-oxidant, Increase energy expenditure

2 (two) capsules daily before lunch and dinner or as recommended by your healthcare professional, followed by an additional glass of water.